The Compelling Portrait - December - 7 & 8

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The Compelling Portrait - December - 7 & 8


Saturday/Sunday December 7 & 8 - 2019

New York City

• tungsten and fluorescent lights

• strobes



Shooting a compelling portrait requires attuned directive and collaborative skills by the photographer.  This course is for those who want to improve their ability to capture a compelling, unique and psychological portrait, through their personal point-of-view.

In the market, there are different demands. For example, to shoot an actress vs. a corporate headshot requires different approaches.  Often with limited time and an unforeseen location setting, developing the skills to capture real emotion and expression from the subject is essential.  Not every lighting set-up works for every individual person; this course will explore how to “sculpt with light” or accentuate bone structure.  Finding the appropriate light for the sitter can be the difference in creating a flattering and defining portrait.  This class will begin with examples of various portraits and demos; then shooting time with sitters.

Bring your cameras and film and be ready to shoot (all camera formats encouraged).